Cheap Calls to United Kingdom From 0p/min

Cheap Calls to United Kingdom

Make really cheap calls to United Kingdom from your landline! There’s no account to open and no credit card needed.

  1. Use the search box on the left to get a low-cost access number
  2. Dial the access number, enter the number you want to call and press #

That’s all there is to it! You’ll be connected to your friend in United Kingdom at a very low rate. Plus, you don’t pay us – you pay your existing phone provider. How To Call

* Please note that the rates shown are per minute, and are based on calls from BT landlines. Our “free” access numbers assume that you get free calls to UK landlines from your provider, and will otherwise be charged at your standard landline rate. You will be billed by the existing provider of the phone that you call from, and their charges may vary. Rates are shown inclusive of VAT and no other fees apply.

CountryCategoryLocality / NetworkRateAccess Number
United KingdomLandlinesKingston CommunicationsFree! *0330 117 3872
Guernsey, Jersey, Manx1p0843 230 1010
LIECS2p0843 836 0005
London, All Other Landlines35p0904 060 0300
MobilesAQL fw7, Core Communications fm11, EE, Global Reach fw7, Lanonyx Telecom fw7, Limitless, Lycamobile fw7, Magrathea fm10, Magrathea fw10, Magrathea fw3, Magrathea fw6, Orange, Resilient, Resilient fw2, Simwood, Sky Telecom fm1, SwiftNet fm11, Telefonica, TGL Services fw7, Three, Tismi fw10, Tismi fw9, UK Number Store fw1, Virgin, Vodafone, Vodafone CW fm16, Vodafone fm8, Voxbone1p0843 230 1010
24 Seven fw8, BT IPEX fm14, BT IPEX fw5, Gamma2p0843 836 0005
BT IPEX fm5, BT IPEX fw3, Guernsey Other, Jersey Airtel15p0911 929 0130
Core Communications fw5, Core Telecom fw9, Flextel, Jersey, Manx fm1, Manx fm11, Telecom 10 Ltd20p0905 693 0150
24 Seven fw9, AQL fw6, AQL fw9, BT IPEX fm10, BT IPEX fm12, BT IPEX fm15, BT IPEX fw2, Callax fw9, CFL fw8, Citrus fm10, Citrus fw4, Cloud9 fm1, Cloud9 fm14, Core Communications fm2, Core Communications fw6, Core Telecom fw8, Equinet fw9, IP IPEX fw1, l, Marathon Telecom, Mobiweb, Nodemax fw8, SwiftNet fw7, Telecom2 fw7, Telecom2 fw9, UK Number Store fw9, Vodafone CW fw9, All Other Networks35p0904 060 0300
Ayat Solutions, BT IPEX fm17, BT IPEX fw4, BT IPEX fw7, BT IPEX fw8, Callax fw7, CESG, CFL fw9, Cheers fw8, Cheers fw9, Cloud9 fm13, Cloud9 fm6, Equinet fw8, fm1, fm12, fm2, Fogg AB, Oxygen8 fm10, Oxygen8 fw7, Oxygen8 fw8, Oxygen8 fw9, QX Telecom, Synectiv, TalkTalk40p0904 011 0350
FreephoneFree PhoneFree! *0330 117 3872