Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a call with DoubleDial?
You can get full instructions on our How to Call page.
Do I need an account to use your service?
There is no need to sign up for an account with DoubleDial—just dial our access numbers and all billing is done by your existing phone provider.
Are there any service charges or other hidden fees?
We’re up-front about our rates and there are no fees beyond the prices quoted. The rates shown on our website are inclusive of VAT and are based on the cost of calling from a BT landline. Other operators’ charges may vary—please consult your phone provider.

Our “free” access numbers assume you get free calls to UK landlines as part of your package. They will otherwise be charged at your standard landline rate.
How will I be billed for my calls?
Charges for calls to our access numbers will appear on your normal phone bill. Please note that if you receive itemised billing only the call to our access number will be displayed, and not the full international number you reached. We are unable to provide you with any statements or other paperwork ourselves.
Can I call DoubleDial access numbers from my mobile or a payphone?
You can dial our access numbers from any UK phone, however be aware that charges for calls from mobiles or payphones may differ from those shown on our site. Please consult your provider for further information.
When does billing for a call begin?
Because you are charged by your existing phone provider, billing will begin as soon as your call is connected to our access numbers.
I feel I have been overcharged for a call!
Because you are billed by your existing phone provider it is not possible for DoubleDial to overcharge you. The costs of calling our access numbers are set by the UK telecommunications regulator, Ofcom. Most landline providers tend to adhere to these charges and these are the rates that we display on our website, but we cannot guarantee what your particular provider will charge.

If you feel that you have been overcharged please consider contacting your phone provider to discuss your bill, or consider contacting Ofcom if the issue remains unresolved.