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Cheap Calls to

Make really cheap calls to from your landline! There’s no account to open and no credit card needed.

  1. Use the search box on the left to get a low-cost access number
  2. Dial the access number, enter the number you want to call and press #

That’s all there is to it! You’ll be connected to your friend in at a very low rate. Plus, you don’t pay us – you pay your existing phone provider. How To Call

* Please note that the rates shown are per minute, and are based on calls from BT landlines. Our “free” access numbers assume that you get free calls to UK landlines from your provider, and will otherwise be charged at your standard landline rate. You will be billed by the existing provider of the phone that you call from, and their charges may vary. Rates are shown inclusive of VAT and no other fees apply.

CountryCategoryLocality / NetworkRateAccess Number
LandlinesAll Landlines25p0904 844 0200
MobilesGemTel, VivCel25p0904 844 0200
All Other Networks35p0904 060 0300
MTN, Zain40p0904 011 0350